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More and more friends asked me about the IL-2 situation, and I am here to share relevant scientific knowledge with you. This article is intended only for the dissemination of scientific knowledge.


IL-2 is an abbreviation, and the English full name is Interleukin-2. It is a cytokine of the chemokine family. Cytokines, a protein and polypeptide, are used as signal proteins in organisms. These hormone- or neurotransmitter-like proteins are used as signals for communication between cells. Most of the cytokines are water-soluble proteins and glycoproteins with a small molecular weight (8-30 thousand Daltons). Cytokines can be released from a variety of cells and can act on adjacent cells or the entire body. Of particular importance are the innate immune response and the adaptive immune response. At present, there are 38 kinds of cytokines found in science, which are labeled as IL1-38.